Sectional Garage Doors


These doors are extremely popular in many countries across the world because they offer several practical benefits. Typically, they comprise of four or six individual horizontal panels that are connected together. Hinges which connect the garage door panels allow them to freely move via the meeting point/axis of the roof and door. As a result, the door opens at an angle of ninety degrees.

A sectional garage door is usually raised vertically, prior to being horizontally stored under the roof which, in most cases, is a dead space area.



If you are interested in having sectional garage doors at your home, then there is a wide range of options for you to choose from, with regard to materials used in construction, finishing as well as style.

Depending on your needs, they can be made using wood, fiber glass or steel. For instance, if you live near the coast, you can opt for steel instead of timber to minimize the possibility of wear and tear. However, a foil laminated finish can help protect wood against harsh weather elements, whilst simultaneously maintaining its original appeal.

The different color ranges as well as types of materials allow for a wide range of sectional garage door styles. You can choose from traditional wooded doors, simple steel doors or designer doors, depending on various factors.

Why should I choose sectional garage doors?

There are various reasons why sectional garage doors are better than other types of garage doors. They offer greater protection from rain and other harsh weather elements, are ideal for irregular garage openings, provide excellent security and also save on space

Additionally, you can choose to have manual or automatic doors.

1. Protection from rain and other weather elements

You obviously consider the garage as part of your beloved home’s exterior appeal. Protecting it from harsh weather elements such as rain and wind is very important, especially if you store a car or other valuable items in your garage. Sectional garage doors effectively provide protection against wind, snow, leaves and other debris.

2. Electrical or manual

This type of doors can be operated either automatically or manually.

3. Suitable for irregular garage openings

Garages that have unusual openings can make it difficult or even impossible to get doors that perfectly fit into them. Sectional garage doors are ideal for such cases, including opening that are dome-shaped or arch-shaped.

4. Ideal for small driveways

If your home has a small driveway, then you know how difficult it can be to drive your vehicle into and out of the garage every day, without damaging its body. If the garage is fitted with a lousy door, then the problem becomes worse.

Sectional garage doors are ideal for small driveways because vehicles can be driven right up to the doors. They usually open up and rise vertically, rather than swing out.