Single Panel & Canpopy Garage Doors

Today quite a few homes have attached garages. When they do, almost everyone notices them. Garage doors can be very attractive and match the outside décor of the house.

When installing a garage door, you’re looking at many decisions. There are various types and determining the one that looks best with your home, and meets your needs, may be daunting. You want to make the right decision because it is an expensive purchase. But with so many options available, you’ll be able to find one that fits your budget and still looks great.


Canopy Garage Doors

A canopy garage door is a prominent style. Constructed from a single panel, when it rises, it doesn’t go all the way into your garage. About a third of the board overhangs the driveway creating a canopy effect. The reason for this is because the tracks do not go into the garage when the door is closed. They are horizontal down the inside with a spring across the top. The canopy garage door poses a slight disadvantage over others because you have to park your car a few feet away from the entrance. Doing so ensures the door doesn’t damage your car when going up or down.

Single Part Garage Doors

A second type of garage door is the single panel. It’s also one piece but uses different track hardware. The tracks run horizontally back into the garage. They allow the door to retract fully without any protrusion. A safety lock prevents the door from closing unexpectedly. Most single part garage doors also feature specialized hardware keeping them in a locked position when closed. Because the door fully retracts, you can park your car closer without risk of it being hit. It was specifically created for use with an electric garage door opener, making it a popular choice.


Both the canopy garage door and the single part garage door can be constructed out of many different materials. Frequent selections of customers are aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Wood doors have beautiful aesthetic value but are heavier than some other materials. They also require more ongoing maintenance. Steel doors are reasonably priced, durable, and require minimal upkeep.

Single part and canopy doors often come insulated. This prevents excessive noise and also helps reduce energy costs. When choosing a material, consider the construction of your house so that the door and the other outside features of your home complement one another.


When installing a canopy garage door, or a single part garage door, the color almost always enters the conversation. You may even prefer a wood grain finish. Just like with door materials, think seriously about the rest of your house. This can reduce the wide array of color pallets facing you. For example, a brick home may appear brighter and more contemporary with a white garage door. No matter what, inject your personality

At first, glance, selecting a garage door may seem uninteresting because it’s so functional and practical. You may see it simply as an expense rather than an investment. But the right door, in a pleasing color constructed of integrated materials, can make all the difference in the overall value of your home.